CEKO closes 2nd round investment

CEKO Sensors has closed an investment of approximately 1 mio Euro. The investment combines additional capital from new investors with a reduction of existing investor receivables. The new investors represent a massive capital base and extensive experience in industrial production, operations, sales, legal affairs and economy.

The new investment will secure additional growth in CEKO sensors and support the further commercialization of the CEKO OA1 MEMS sensor series and the new S-DAS data acquisition system.

The OA1 sensor series is based on MEMS chip technology. It is ideally suited for applications in harsh environments, due to being 100% optical with no risk of short-circuits, metal-free and immune to electromagnetic fields. The sensors do not require a local power source, is 1/100 the volume of competing technology, has high temperature resistance and allows for remote, distributed monitoring solutions across distances of up to 40 km.

The S-DAS data acquisition system is a state-of-the-art solution for industrial IoT applications in harsh environments. The system combines sensor data collection, edge computing and cloud up-link in a ruggedized and compact unit. Utilizing the analysis power of the CEKO cloud software complete monitoring solutions automatic, intelligent decision making is available.

The demand for optical sensors and system solutions is increasing in multiple high value markets, including wind energy, oil & gas, power transmission, aerospace and with an expected growth also in the military and medico markets.

CEKOs products increase production and asset lifetime in several applications. Specific applications include ice-detection on wind turbine blades and power transmission cables, structural monitoring for predictive maintenance, monitoring of cryogenic and flammable industrial gasses, airfoil monitoring and cardiac rhythm measurements during MRI scanning.

As part of the capital increase the CEKO board of directors has been strengthened with 2 additional members. 

”We are very proud to welcome our new investors and we look forward to the collaboration and further development of CEKO”, says founder and CEO of CEKO Sensors Kasper Reck-Nielsen.

For Additional information please contact CEO Kasper Reck-Nielsen (phone: +45 7199 3646) or  chairman of the board Carsten Lønfeldt (phone: +45 4013 1611).