Transformer monitoring visualized

The CEKO Sensors transformer monitoring solution is a full solution for monitoring of

  • Transformer health
  • Tap changer health
  • Oil temperature
  • Core harmonics

as well as a number of technical parameters, including tap changer timings and number of tap changes. The system is 100% optical and thus immune to electromagnetic fields and noise. Sensor data is collected by the SDAS data acquisition unit, which utilizes built-in edge computing capability to analyse raw data before uploading the processed data results to the cloud. The system can be used with a self-hosted server or CEKOs cloud solution. Multiple communication interfaces are available including LoRa, Ethernet, 4G, Sigfox and WiFi. The video below shows how data collected by the system can be made available in real time using Grafana.

Transformer monitoring using CEKO Sensors optical technology