24/7 blade monitoringHigh voltage circuit breakersMaritime & Offshore

24/7 blade monitoring

Increase production and reduce operation and maintenance costs

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High voltage circuit breakers

Predictive maintenance with CEKO turn-key solutions

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Maritime & Offshore

Safe monitoring in ATEX and cryogenic environments

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All-optical MEMS sensors are ideal for applications involving harsh environments, distributed networks and remote sensing.

CEKO sensors fabricates microchip based sensors with integrated optical structures for strain, acceleration and pressure sensing for e.g. renewable energy, marine and off-shore.

Utilizing refractive index modulation™ technology for high sensitivity, reliability and flexibility CEKO sensors are applicable in a large range of sensing scenarios.

Example applications include structural health monitoring and production optimization on wind turbine blades, pressure and acceleration sensing in oil production and monitoring of forces and pressures on aircrafts.

Sensor Characteristics

  • All-optical and metal-free
  • Does not require local power source
  • Remote sensing and large sensor networks
  • Superior performance
  • Small size and low cost

Wind turbine blade monitoring

Metal-free optical monitoring solution for in-blade monitoring and predictive maintenance capability. Keeps an eye on the blades 24/7 for production optimization, lower O&M costs, increased safety and lifetime extension.


CEKO sensors provide turn-key solutions for multiple industrial applications. Common to all our products are efficiency, flexibility and high quality. For more information on sensors, data acquisition and software solutions click the link below or go to the products page.

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The all-optical MEMS sensor technology is applicable to a large range of different applications. For customer requirements contact us at info@cekosensors.com.

Edge computing

Data acquisition using CEKO Sensors SDAS read-out units is simple and reliable. Integrate edge-computing algorithms for advanced analysis and minimum bandwidth usage.


Visualize data and setup alarms for predictive maintenance and overloads using CEKO container based and Kubernetes compatible software solutions.


CEKO all-optical MEMS sensor technology is typically implemented in accelerometers, temperature sensors and pressure sensors, but it is applicable to a number of related sensor concepts including microphones, force sensors, density meters, strain sensors and chemical sensors.

Our technology is based on reflection of light from a Bragg grating structure, but utilizes a completely different physical principle than FBG sensors known as refractive index modulation™, which is unique to CEKO optical MEMS sensors. This concept allows for significant improvements in sensor specifications. It is at the same time, however, compatible with existing FBG systems.

If you have special requests related to either existing or new sensor technology, please contact us at info@cekosensors.com.