Monitoring of assets in harsh & industrial environments

The all-optical MEMS sensor technology from CEKO sensors is perfectly suited for applications in harsh environments where all-optical technology, high sensitivity, passive operation, EMF resistance, small physical size and/or minimizing explosion risk e.g. due to short-circuits is critical.

Utilizing the high bandwidth of optical fiber, e.g. in a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system, multiple sensors can be combined in a single distributed sensor network covering distances of up to several kilometers. Individual sensors require no power and can be interrogated using as little as 1 mW of optical power.

All-optical MEMS sensor are applicable to vast number of different measurement situations and environments. Three specific examples are described below.

Wind Energy

The tip of a blade on an off-shore wind turbine is not only a remote and difficult to reach location  it is also an extremely harsh environment with continuous vibrations, strong temperature variations, ever changing weather conditions and the always present risk of lightning strikes. Being completely metal-free, the all-optical MEMS sensors from CEKO are perfect for vibration monitoring on wind turbine blades. Thus creating the possibility for remote and intelligent wind turbine monitoring, production optimization, better maintenance planning and structural health monitoring.

Power Grid Infrastructure

Security of the electricity grid is fundamental for the modern society. Increasing energy demands, varying production from wind turbines and solar cells combined with the introduction of millions of electric cars that requires charging puts a high strain on existing electricity distribution infrastructure. The solution is to apply smart grid technology to more efficiently manage and generate electricity. CEKO Sensors unique optical technology allows monitoring of mission critical infrastructure in strong electromagnetic fields, e.g. near transmission lines, circuit breakers or transformers. Monitoring assets 24/7 and in real time allows for predictive maintenance, higher uptime and a more stable grid.


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Monitoring and characterization of maritime vessels and equipment operation using all-optical MEMS sensor is simple, safe and reliable. Large distributed sensor networks for structural health monitoring and production optimization are easily installed and operated, with no risk of dangerous short-circuits that can ignite flammable gases or liquids. Almost any physical parameter can be monitored including structural and mechanical integrity, tank and pump pressure, liquid levels and flow rates, and used for e.g. production optimization, lowering maintenance costs and ensure reliable operation.

Oil & Gas

All-optical MEMS sensors are ideally suited for monitoring of equipment and structures in oil and gas, where safe and passive operation of large distributed sensor networks is critical. The CEKO sensor technology operates without electricity and thus eliminates the risk of short-circuits and potential ignition of an explosive environment (ATEX). Vibration and pressure sensing is typically used for structural health monitoring and production optimization.

Research and Education

Having the unique properties of EMF immunity, harsh environment and passive operation, metal-free design and high sensitivity all-optical MEMS sensors are applicable in a many research, design and optimization situations where conventional electrical sensors are not. The high sensitivity and low noise of the CEKO sensors allows for best possible data quality and reduces time to value. With simple installation and operation of even large sensor networks in remote and difficult to access locations R&D projects will easily benefit from using CEKO sensors.