High voltage

Your extra set of eyes

Continuous monitoring of you high voltage asset.
To ensure uptime, increased lifetime and minimized operational costs

Reduce operation and maintenance costs, while increasing both uptime and lifetime by installing all-optical monitoring systems directly on high voltage assets.

Continous data acquisition using the CEKO SDAS monitoring system and the CEKO Cloud software is a plug and play solution for power systems of tomorrow.

Get performance characteristics from day 1 and verify that the asset operates within specifications

Prepare for the unknown by detecting outliers and anomalies for improved failure analysis, early warnings and lifetime extension.

Monitor key indicators on lifetime and asset health, incl. noise, overtones and phase for predictive maintenance capability.

Transformer monitoring

Predictive maintenance and operation optimization is made easy with the CEKO Sensors transformer monitoring solution. Key parameters of the transformer and tap changer are monitored continuously, including the core, windings and tap changer health.

Transformer monitoring

High voltage circuit breaker monitoring

High voltage circuit breaker (HVCB) monitoring enables low-cost, automatic monitoring 24/7 and is a powerful and essential tool for implementing predictive maintenance strategies. The HVCB monitoring solution from CEKO is a robust monitoring system that gives key information on current and future condition of the circuit breakers.

Monitoring parameters