State-of-the-art Optical MEMS Sensors

CEKO technology is based on state-of-the-art optical MEMS technology, known as refractive index modulation™ (RIM), improving the reliability and applicability of CEKO sensors to a level beyond any other optical sensor technology.

Sensors are fabricated using nanoscale cleanroom production technology for mass-production and minimum cost, making it possible to create millions of opto-mechanical structures with a feature size less than 1/1000th of a human hair in one go.

Conventional MEMS sensors are based on electrical signals, hence they contain metal or other electrical conducting materials. The CEKO sensors are a unique kind of MEMS sensors without metal at all, making them even more versatile and robust than other MEMS sensors.

New applications

The refractive index modulation technology found in our sensors represents a new era in sensing possibilities. Remote sensing, distributed sensing, large sensor networks, high temperature sensing and metal-free sensing is now simple, reliable and with a sensitivity not seen before.

With the advanced sensors from CEKO it is possible to do high quality measurements in difficult accessible and harsh environments, such as oil and gas wells, wind turbines, on air foils, in strong electromagnetic fields or areas that present an explosion risk such as fuel tanks or gas storages.

Making optical sensing technology easy, fast, robust and cost-efficient is with refreactive index modulation™ technology no longer just a vision, but reality.

High sensitivity and frequency range for early warnings

All accelerometer designs are a compromise between frequency bandwidth and sensitivity. Good designs provide both a high bandwidth and at the same time a high sensitivity.

CEKO Sensors optical MEMS accelerometers have 10 times the sensitivity and 10 times the bandwidth compared to other frequency modulated optical sensors on the market. in a 100% metal-free design.

High bandwidth and sensitivity equals more information during monitoring and thereby more value from the monitoring system.

Data Acquisition

Edge-computing and data acquisition in one package

Ruggedized, fast and flexible. The CEKO SDAS data acquisition system is an advanced sensor read-out and edge-computing unit that connects assets to the cloud. Sensors are monitored continuously and either raw data, analyzed data or both are automatically uploaded to the cloud server.

The SDAS can be configured to your specific need and the application at hand, whether you need wireless or cabled communication, small or large sensor networks or high-speed/low-speed data acquisition capability.

Broad band laser light is reflected from multiple sensors simultaneously. Each sensor reflects a unique wavelength. The wavelength is modulated due to a specific physical parameter, e.g. acceleration or temperature.


State-of-the-art MEMS Sensors

CEKO’s software solutions complete the value chain by providing data communication, data processing, data storage and data visualization capability. Whether your need on-site desktop software for single system monitoring or a full-scale multi-system cloud solution with high scalability, uptime and reliability, CEKO has the software.

On-site software provides modern, intuitive and efficient data access for e.g. field-testing, lab tests and small scale installations. Written in C++ and with a high focus on efficiency and ease of use, the on-site software gets you up and running in no time.

The cloud software is built using docker containers and runs on Kubernetes cluster for maximum scalability. Hot-swapping functionality or new features for e.g. data handling is as simple as it gets. The cloud software includes communication with SDAS units using the MQTT protocol, data Handling in python and C++, data storage using both SQL and NoSQL databases and visualization in Grafana.