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Revolutionizing transformer monitoring with CEKO Sensors

In the industry 4.0 era, there are a demand for uncompromising reliability and peak performance. CEKO Sensors stands as a beacon of innovation with our groundbreaking transformer monitoring solution. Especially designed for the high voltage and wind sectors, our state-of-the-art sensor network, redefines transformer monitoring. Join us in embracing predictive maintenance and operational optimization like never before.

Reliability through advanced sensor technology and data collection

High precision MEMS Sensors: Immune to electromagnetic fields and lightning safe

Central to CEKO Sensors’ solution are our high-precision optical MEMS sensors. Engineered with unparalleled precision, these sensors transcend traditional monitoring methods by offering immunity to electromagnetic fields and lightning strikes. By eliminating risks associated with conventional monitoring, we guarantee accurate and real-time data collection, empowering you to make informed decisions with utmost confidence. 

The optional CEKO Cloud Solution represents a pinnacle of scalability and flexibility, embodying a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture. Seamlessly, the SDAS monitoring system transmits data to the cloud, granting users access to both real-time and historical data. This access empowers users to conduct in-depth data analyses, establish alerts and notifications, and dynamically reconfigure the SDAS system through the built-in bidirectional communication feature.

Key benefits of CEKO Sensors

Continuous monitoring for comprehensive insights

Our sensor network is a vigilant guardian of your transformer’s vital parameters. From core and winding health to tap changer conditions, and transformer current, CEKO Sensors offers an uninterrupted stream of data. By harnessing the power of our solution, you unlock unprecedented visibility into your transformers’ operational states. This empowers you to adopt predictive maintenance strategies that curtail downtime and optimize performance.

Remote sensing for enhanced efficiency

CEKO Sensors introduces a paradigm shift in how you manage your transformer assets. Our passive operation and remote data collection methods facilitates efficiency without operational disruptions. This translates into tangible benefits: enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs. The real-time insights facilitated by CEKO Sensors allow for proactive measures, setting the stage for optimized operations.

Comprehensive monitoring parameters for informed decision-making

Optimized transformer health

  • Tank oil temperature monitoring: Delve into the thermal dynamics of your transformer’s oil with precision readings from both the bottom and top of the tank. Early detection of anomalies becomes a reality.
  • Core and winding health: Our efficient monitoring ensures the longevity and reliability of your transformer’s core and windings, setting the stage for seamless operations.
  • Predictive analysis for core and winding health: CEKO Sensors’ anticipates and predicts potential issues before they unfold, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Tap changer performance

  • Tap changer health: Our sensors monitor the condition of tap changers, providing critical insights into their functionality.
  • Future tap changer health prediction: Anticipate maintenance requirements with CEKO Sensors’ predictive capabilities, allowing you to optimize operational timelines.
  • Operational metrics: Monitor tap changer operations, keeping tabs on counter and time metrics for streamlined maintenance planning.
  • Cumulative operational time: Gain insight into the cumulative usage of your tap changer, empowering you to strategize maintenance proactively.
  • Vibration analysis: Detect and address abnormal vibrations through tap changer motor vibration amplitude analysis, preempting mechanical issues.

Electrical Performance

  • Transformer current: Immerse yourself in real-time electrical parameters to unlock performance optimization opportunities.
  • Harmonic distortion analysis: CEKO Sensors’ solution identifies and mitigates harmonic-related issues, preserving operational efficiency even under challenging circumstances.


Experience the future of transformer monitoring with CEKO Sensors

If you’re ready to transform your monitoring solutions and optimize your industrial operations, the experts at CEKO Sensors are here to guide you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discover the potential of our advanced solutions for predictive maintenance.

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