CEKO Sensors raises 10 million DKK in 3rd round for further growth

Clausen Engineering says:
“We look forward to collaborating with CEKO and hope to provide not just a strong economic backing, but also knowledge and support – we believe in the continued growth and success of CEKO.

The investment is part of a new strategy, where Clausen Engineering in addition to being a holding company for and investor in 3Shape, wants to be more active in helping and investing in Danish and Nordic startups and scaleups.”.

CEKO Co-founder and CEO Kasper Reck-Nielsen says:
“We are in a very exciting market position currently with a key technology and growing demand for the solutions CEKO provide. The green transition introduces more renewables and electric cars, which puts a massive pressure on the power grid infrastructure and TSOs and DSOs all over the world. We are addressing this by providing solutions for lifetime extension, less down time, increased production, and reduced maintenance of critical assets such as transformers and circuit breakers. Thanks to the investment from Clausen Engineering we can now reach more customers much faster and help them solving the power grid infrastructure crisis.”.

For further comments, questions and/or interviews relating to the investment please Kasper Reck-Nielsen (CEO, CEKO Sensors, +45 7199 3646) or Peter Johnsen (board member, CEKO Sensors, +45 4016 4681)

CEKO Sensors develops, manufactures, and sell optical MEMS sensors, data acquisition units and software solution as a single, fully integrated solution for monitoring of high voltage components. The solutions are also applicable to other harsh, industrial environments, including wind energy and the oil & gas market.